About Us

Grab interest

The whole purpose of this site is to encourage you as a new writer to subscribe presently £50 monthly which will get you a space in the new high street store. Your book will be displayed in the shop for everyone to look at and purchase. Presently a 20% cut of you face value price which means a massive 80% of the price is retained by you. 

All books are sale or return when your subscription ends you must request the return of your books. 

Generate excitement

The whole principle of the site is for every new writer to have the option to have their work in a high street store with none of the high business rates for you but the option to remain on a level platform with big bookstores like Waterstone's , W H Smith  blackwell's and other s who have a strangle hold on who gets their books in store. You can have your work in a shop for one monthly subscription. 

Close the deal

To me and many other Brand New Writer this is not to be dismissed for whilst you are in control of how much you want to pay to get your books in a high street store.